Canadian Small Businesses Tax Checklist For 2022.

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Tax season begins as soon as the year starts, however the deadlines for personal income tax and business income tax in Canada may differ.

Depending on the entity of your business, whether it is self proprietorship, CCPC or Non-CCPC. We have put together a tax preparation checklist to help you with the tax season 2022.

Tax preparation for Small Businesses

The small business tax checklist has all the required details that you may need to assist your tax services.
However, as a small business owner, you need to ensure that your books are clean, accurate, and up-to-date in your bookkeeping records. If there are any tax brackets that you are unaware of, you may read further details regarding flexible bookkeeping assistance with Accountero.

Download the checklist that fits best for your business entity and get ready for your business taxes filing for this tax season in Canada.


Use this checklist for the following benefits.

Stay up-to-date.
Be ready for the tax dates and
know exactly what you need for
your tax preparation.
Highlight the expenses.
The checklist has a list of tax write
offs that you can mention,
carefully check what fits best for
your organization.
Know your type of business.
Each entity has different tax
requirements. Download the tax
checklist that is tailored for your
business type.