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Invest in R&D the Right Way

Canada provides generous incentives for businesses to invest in research and development through programs like the SR&ED program. However, navigating the regulations and requirements can be complex, which is why seeking expert guidance is

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Importance of Tax Advisory

The Canadian tax system can be complex and ever-changing, making it difficult for small businesses to stay compliant. Tax advisors can help by providing specialized knowledge and assistance with filing taxes, claiming deductions, and

ACC startup founders

Tax Mistakes Made by Startup Founders and How to Avoid Them

The Canadian tax system offers plenty of opportunities for startups to save money. Unfortunately, it’s also very complex, and many startup founders make costly mistakes during tax season as a result. Navigating the tax

How to Survive and Avoid a CRA Audit?

Audits are tedious, sure, but you will be happy to hear they will not be the end of your business, and shouldn’t be the cause for sleepless nights. In this article, learn all you

Tax credits

6 Tax Credits for Ontario Founders

For many of us, it's a time to gather our receipts and papers, groan over how much we owe, and then file our taxes electronically or by paper. For entrepreneurs and startup founders in

T4A Forms

What is T4A Form and Why is it Important?

For a startup and small business in Canada, taxation can eat into your business profit, affecting growth and possibly ending the startup's life before it even starts. The T4A tax form is the form