On-Demand CFO Services

better control over business dollars

On-Demand CFO to boost your growth strategy.

Accountero's part-time CFO services provides fractional on-demand access to financial leaders with experience managing multi-million asset bases, guiding start-ups to raise funding rounds, and taking business to successful IPOs and going public.

Accountero CFO Services

powered by industry-leading tech stack

On-Demand CFO Services

Get access to dedicated remote CFO to navigate through potential financial pitfalls.

Accountero provides a range of financial planning solutions that augment your business's success. If you are a startup starting to scale or an SMB experiencing growing pains as you move to the next level, our on-demand CFO services can fit your needs. Book time with experienced CFOs as ongoing part-time mentoring and guidance, or on-demand to review current financial health, or provide robust forecasting and planning.

Financial Modeling

Benefit from decades of experience designing financial models that reduce overheads, optimize operational margins, and improve profitability.

Intelligent Forecasting

Accountero's CFO team is equipped with AI-driven forecasting tools that generate highly accurate predictive models based on real-world sales data.

Peace of Mind

Growing your business takes a lot of time and effort. Our CFO lets you focus on your core business functions as we help you stabilize your financial health.

Tax Savings

Accountero CFO services add prudent tax planning to your toolkit, generating significant tax savings for your company while adhering to local and federal compliances.

Analysis and Controls

Your part-time CFO implements control systems and guardrails to avoid nasty surprises. who monitors bookkeeping, controller staff and oversee cash flows.

Get Funded

Get analysis, insights during M&A, raising rounds or going public. Our CFO service provides expert guidance on borrowing and attracting investors.

Benefits of Accountero CFO Services

AI-Driven Predictive Modeling

Intelligent Data-driven Analysis

Accountero’s CFO services are powered by some of the best forecasting tools in the industry. It allows for cohort analysis from multiple data sources such as sales, marketing, service desk and more. Our CFO experts leverage these data points to build robust financial models for your business.

from the Valley and Beyond

CFO for every industry and Vertical

Accountero’s extensive team of financial experts include controllers and CFOs with experience working in the Silicon Valley, business hubs like Vancouver, Toronto as well as numerous emerging markets. Our CFO team has guided through Series A, B, C rounds as well as taken them public. 

Primed for Growth

Best Practices, By Best-in-Class

Our one-stop-service for your accounting and financial needs, not only saves you money through prudent financial planning, but gives you access to tech-driven bookkeeping services that keeps your company data up-to-date, audit-ready and easy to analyze.

Why Accountero CFO Services

Talk to us about accessing a part-time CFO for your business.

Be financially robust.

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