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Startup Valuation Calculator

Post and pre-money valuation calculator does simple math to free your mind up to do more important things when you are negotiating your startup's valuation.
It does not answer the question "how much is my startup worth" in the general sense (based on how much revenue, traction, margins or whether it breaks even).

Instead, it does multi-directional math, and, if you provide any two values from investment amount, investor's equity, pre-money or post money valuation, you will receive the remaining two values.

Learn about Pre-Money and Post-money Valuation

The difference is rather simple – pre-money valuation is how much the company is worth, or the value of a company’s equity before the investment flows into the startup. Post-money valuation is how much a startup is worth after the money enters the company. 

Successful entrepreneurs proactively know their numbers and like to stay fully informed on the real-time status of their business growth. As your startup progresses, it is essential to keep track of all metrics including post and pre-money valuations. 


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